Work Programme Management AHG Terms of Reference

1) Terms of Reference

The Program Management Ad-Hoc group is assigned the responsibility for development and maintenance of a program management capability within the Technical Plenary. The program management capability shall include the ability to provide visibility of the current status of all components of the Work Program to all participants based on input from the appropriate WG Chair or Rapporteur.

The work of the Program Management Ad-Hoc group shall take into account the tasks identified for the Technical Plenary in Article 12 and Articles 28 – 33 of the Working Procedures Document.

The Program Management Ad-Hoc shall be open to all interested members and Partners Type 2. Attendance from at least one of the officials (Chair, Vice Chair, or Convenor) of each Working Group is expected.

The Program Management Ad-Hoc group may use any form of communication and collaboration adopted by consensus within the group, including face-to-face meetings and web conferencing.

2) Objectives

The objectives of The Program Management Ad-Hoc group are as follows:

1. Support the Technical Plenary (TP) in managing the overall work progress and coordination of the technical Work Programme and Release management process as well as related technical projects (e.g. technical demonstrators) commissioned by the TP.
2. Submit to opening session of TP a list of Milestones concerning Work Items and deliverables allocated to them as well as related Release data, which are expected to be achieved according to the Work Programme.
3. Submit to closing session of TP the status of each work item and deliverable against its projected time-line and its projected time to completion;
4. Maintain Work Programme documentation on the Web Portal.
5. Provide guidance to the TP and WGs on the coordination aspects between deliverables already in the work program, and/or those proposed as work items, with specific attention to the inter-relationships and dependencies between work areas.
6. Manage technical oneM2M projects being commissioned by the Technical Plenary to the Program Management Ad-Hoc group.