oneM2M active Work Items

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WI-0015 - oneM2M Use Case Continuation

WI-0021 - Secure Environment Abstraction CLOSED TP40

WI-0046 - Vehicular domain enablement UPDATED TP42

WI-0047 - DDS usage in oneM2M system CLOSED TP40

WI-0049 - Rel-1 & 2 Maintenance

WI-0050 -  Rel-3 Small Technical Enhancements CLOSED following TP41

WI-0051 - Security Functions Conformance Testing CLOSED TP40

WI-0053 - Enhancements on Semantic Support UPDATED TP40

WI-0054 - Developers guide series

WI-0058 - 3GPP & Cellular IoT Interworking UPDATED TP42

WI-0060 - Interoperability testing Release 2

WI-0064 - Adaptation of oneM2M for Smart City UPDATED TP41

WI-0065 - Trust management in oneM2M CLOSED TP40

WI-0066 - Decentralized Authentication CLOSED TP41

WI-0068 - GlobalPlatform Interworking CLOSED TP40

WI-0069 - Heterogeneous identification service in oneM2M system

WI-0070 - Public Warning Service Enabler UPDATED TP40

WI-0071 - oneM2M and W3C Web of Things Interworking UPDATED TP40

WI-0072 - Modbus interworking UPDATED TP40

WI-0074 - Conformance Test Specifications Release 2 CLOSED TP40

WI-0075 - Industrial Domain Information Model Mapping & Semantics Support UPDATED TP41

WI-0076 - Lightweight oneM2M Services UPDATED TP42

WI-0077 - Attribute Based Access Control Policy UPDATED TP40

WI-0078 - oneM2M API guide

WI-0079 - Small Technical enhancements of oneM2M Release 4

WI-0080 - Edge and Fog Computing UPDATED TP42

WI-0081 - Smart Device Template 4.0 UPDATED TP40

WI-0082 - 3GPP V2X Interworking UPDATED TP40

WI-0083 - oneM2M Service Subscribers and Users UPDATED TP40

WI-0084 - SDT based Information Model & Mapping for Vertical Industries UPDATED TP40

WI-0085 -  Conformance Test Specifications Release 3 UPDATED TP41

WI-0086 - Conformance Test Specifications Release 4 UPDATED TP41

WI-0088 - M2M/IoT Application & Component Configuration

WI-0089 - Getting started with oneM2M

WI-0090 - oneM2M and Zigbee interworking

WI-0091 - oneM2M Services and Platforms Discovery UPDATED TP40

WI-0092- Railway Domain Enablement UPDATED TP40

WI-0093 - Action Triggering Enhancements

WI-0094 - Ontologies for Smart City Services UPDATED TP41

WI-0095 - oneM2M System Enhancements to Support Data Protection Regulations NEW TP42

WI-0096 -  Effective IoT Communication to Protect 3GPP Networks NEW TP43

WI-0097 - Interoperability testing Release 3 NEW TP43

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Last update: 2020-01-08