Security WG (WG 4) Chair and Vice Chair elections

The oneM2M Security WG (WG 4) announces the election of one chair and a maximum of two vice chairs.

Extracts from the oneM2M Working Procedures related to the election and responsibilities of WG chairs and vice chairs are given below

Nomination Process

To submit a candidature for a SEC WG officer position send an e-mail to the SEC officers exploder list. You may self nominate for these positions. The nomination must contain the following information:

Key dates for the elections

Action Date
Start of Nomination period 1 March 2013 08:00 GMT
End of Nomination Period 1 April 2013 18:00 GMT
Voting SEC#2


To view the candidates nomination letter and CV, click on the appropriate links next to the candidate.

Candidates for Chair position

Candidates (in alphabetical order) Nomination Letter CV
Francois Ennesser, Gemalto (ETSI) Nomination Letter CV
Dragan Vujcic, Oberthur Technologies (ETSI) Nomination Letter CV

Candidates for Vice Chair positions

Candidates (in alphabetical order) Nomination Letter CV
Jae young Ahn, ETRI (TTA) Nomination Letter CV
YounSung Chu, LG Electronics (TTA) Nomination Letter CV
Francois Ennesser, Gemalto (ETSI) Nomination Letter CV
Dragan Vujcic, Oberthur Technologies (ETSI) Nomination Letter CV

Extracts from the oneM2M working Procedures

Extract from Article 15 TP and WG Chair responsibilities

The WG Chair is responsible for coordination of the overall management of the technical work within the WG.
The Chair has an overall responsibility to ensure that the activities of the TP follow these Working Procedures.
The Chair may assign tasks to members of the TP to assist in the work.
The Chair may delegate tasks to the Vice Chairs.
The Chair may be assisted by the Secretariat.
The Chair shall form a Management Team, including the Vice Chair(s) and the Secretariat, in order to assist in discharging his duties.
The Chair may invite subject matter experts or observers to the meeting.
Recognising the need to balance the requirement for rapid specification development with the demand for resources of Members, the Chair should encourage a minimum number of meetings, and maximize the use of electronic means to advance the work.
The number of parallel meetings should be minimized to limit the demand for resources of Members.
The Chair and Vice Chair shall maintain strict impartiality in their respective roles and act in the interest of oneM2M.

Extract from Article 14 TP and WG election of Chair and Vice Chair(s)

a) TP elections

Regular elections shall be held every two years.
The TP Chair and Vice Chair(s) shall be elected by the TP from amongst the Members or Partners Type 2 representatives. The TP shall elect a maximum of three Vice Chairs. The Chair and Vice Chair(s) of the TP shall be confirmed by the SC. An endeavor shall be made to maintain Partner, Member and regional balance in the election of the Chair and Vice Chairs.
A candidate for election shall provide a letter of support from the Members or Partners Type 2 that he/she represents. The deadline for nominations is 14 days prior to the point when an election takes place.

b) WG elections

The provisions concerning the election of WG Chair and Vice Chair shall be as for TP Chair and Vice Chair as defined in a) above, changing TP to WG wherever TP is mentioned, with the following differences:

When a new WG is established, the TP is responsible for appointing a convener for the first two meetings.
Following elections by the WG, the Chair and Vice Chairs hold office immediately, without need of appointment by TP.

Extract from Article 20 TP or WG voting for the election of TP or WG Chair and Vice Chairs

In the case where there is more than one candidate for TP or WG Chair or Vice Chairs, a secret ballot shall be used. For interpreting the result of the secret ballot the following procedure shall apply:

Other information

This page will be updated as required throughout the election process.

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